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How can we help Architectural Design Companies

How can we help Architectural Design Companies

One of the toughest task for the architectural firm is preparing the Construction working drawings and documentation to go with it. It could be City permit drawings or it could be Issued for Tender drawings ( IFT’S). Designing a project as per the building code is one thing but aligning and drafting all the documentation and design together is the main evil. It could take up to weeks before you can compile your whole set of drawings together. You need drafter’s who are fast, experienced and knowledgeable in terms of trade and building code.

Singar has expertise in offering drafting services for Large-scale projects to design firms all across Canada

Singar has a team of Architects, architectural technicians and civil engineer who have hands-on experience when it comes to design, draft and construction. If you have a design in mind and you know your initial layout then we can draft it for you on your prefered software. We are not only just drafters, We are also versed in building codes and design implications which reduces the error and very less time is spent by the architectural firms in rectifying the plans.

We work independently and all we need is your initial set of drawing, design or thoughts and we can take it from there. We are equipped to work with following software Revit, Sketch-up, CAD etc.

All you need to do is to contact us and send us your rough drawings, Sketch-up models and we can draft it for you in CAD and then different sets of drawings ( Architectural, Electrical, plumbing etc.)

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