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Drafting and Documenting Service for growing design firms

The reason for having design, drafting and documenting consultant is always a game changer for companies.It gives them plenty of time to focus on design and other key elements rather than doing the rigorous drafting and documenting work.

If you are a growing small to middle scale design/architectural company then drafting and documenting the project is always a tedious task. Designing, drafting & documenting a big scale project can take a lot of manhours and can throw you off of your budget. Its’ one of the necessary evil in this trade which is quite essential, time taking and had to be with extreme accuracy.This is one of the biggest reason for smaller companies to say no to work because of being too busy or not having enough in-house staff.

Need accuracte quality of your shop drawing?
Hire a shop drawing consultancy firm
This is why having design, drafting and documenting consultant is always a game changer for such companies.This gives them plenty of time to focus on design and other key elements rather than doing the rigorous drafting and documenting work. Such consultants are usually hands-on with software like Revit, Sketch UP, CAD & BIM.
How do we do it? 
  • Send us your sketch up model with your requirements 
  • We will convert your skp. files into compatible drafting software and will carefully draft the whole project keeping the model/sketch as reference
  • Our technician are divided into different departments and they work alongside to create Millwork plans, electrical plans, plumbing and architectural plans.
  • We have separate formats for separate clients and we always follow the layout of our clients and we can also create new layout of architectural plans upon request.
  • We are also equipped to do working drawings and sections for projects.

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